Bell’s Palsy

Do you suffer from Bell’s Palsy?



Bell’s palsy is facial paralysis.

Patients describe waking up in the morning with one half of their face paralyzed.

They are often unable to smile or close their eye.

This condition has limited Western medicine treatment.



The good news is that our clinic specializes in treating this condition using Acupuncture with amazing success rates.



Bell’s palsy is a terrible condition because, for most people, it leaves their face paralyzed for life.

Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment option available that most times resolves this condition.

However, in order to work, the patient must start acupuncture treatment as soon as possible.

Best results are obtained if patients begin treatment in the first few weeks after Bell’s Palsy sets in.

By the time six months pass, it is often more difficult for a full recovery.

This condition is unlike most others.

For most conditions, patients can be affected for years and still get excellent results from acupuncture.

Bell’s palsy is the exception.

So if you get this condition, come in immediately for treatment.


Dr. Chapa has trained with amazing experts in treating this condition from China, Taiwan, Japan and S. Korea.






















This patient came in and within two weeks (our average) got amazing results!

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